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YouTube Removes RA Breaking YouTube Channel

Big Tech company Google, which owns YouTube, has permanently removed our 'Real America Breaking' channel, falsely claiming our content falls into their 'spam, deceptive practices and scams' category. This claim is false, and we are fighting back against this move, however we are all aware of the Chinese Communist Party's influence over big tech companies such as Google, Facebook & Twitter. Also, all Real America Facebook pages have been removed by Facebook, without reason or warning.

President Trump's New Office...

President Trump has just created a new office, named 'Office of the Former President', which seems to be a counter to the 'Office of the President Elect', a fake, official looking scam created by the Democratic/Communist party. This was made to look official, because the Democrat party's candidate did not actually win the election. Well, now President Trump is, as always, fighting back against the deep state.

Thank You President Trump!

Thank You President Trump! | Real America News Network

Thank you, President Trump, for everything that you have done for our country!

Credit: Real America News Network

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