Thank You President Trump!

Mr. President. If you ever read this, which is probably not very likely, but anyway I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything that you have done for this country. During the last four years America has thrived during your administration, welcoming jobs, health, life, and above all, freedom. You have stood up to foreign leaders and given us hope. You have showed us what we can be as America and what our flag stands for. You have achieved so much for this land, and for that we can never thank you enough.


Noah Domingues, CEO, Real America News Network

BREAKING NEWS: Maria Zack Trump News Update - Breaking Maria Breaking Trump News Update | RANN

BREAKING NEWS: Maria Zack Trump News Update - Breaking Maria Breaking Trump News Update | RANN

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Maria Zack: Italian company helped create election irregularities | Real America News

Full Maria Zack interview - AmericaCanWeTalk

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What is freedom?

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Illegal Ballots?

4 suitcases of ballots were removed from under a table by election workers in Georgia, after telling poll challengers and the press to go home because they had 'finished counting'. They then proceeded to count the ballots from the suitcases without oversight, which is illegal. These actions were then described as 'business as usual' by a state official. Read the full article: http://4-suitcases-ballots-realameric...

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